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Now in our 15th year VPNetworks is processing over 10,000,000 messages per day.  2018 has seen a another huge increase in Spam. Does anyone really order Viagra online from one of these ads?

  • Email viruses seem to be on the decline with our recent figures showing only about 2% of email 'destined' for our clients is blocked because it contains a virus!
  • On the other hand, over 80% of email destined for our clients is SPAM and is either blocked or identified depending on our clients' request.  Most of these messages contain some kind of spyware or trojan.
  • That's a whopping 82% of our email traffic is either virus infected or SPAM.

What are you doing to protect your network and employees?

Before the explosion of Internet usage and email traffic in the late 1990s, the vast majority of viruses were spread by infected floppy disks or other relatively slow moving methods of transmission. With email becoming ubiquitous, viruses and other harmful files have the ability to spread at lightning speed. Some estimate that today viruses, worms, and Trojan horses can spread and propagate at a rate of tens of thousands of copies per hour.

At this rate, there is little time to update desktop and gateway anti-virus systems to ensure corporate networks and systems are protected. The VPNetworks Virus Protection solution, leverages realtime monitoring and updating to ensure that messages are delivered reliably, securely, and free of harmful content. Take some of the worry out of your business. Let us provide you protection.

A recent US survey put the cost of each spam email at $1. This factors in everything from clogged bandwidth and fielding user complaints, to reduced productivity. "The employee who gets only 874 (spam e-mails) per year, that is probably a miracle." excerpts from COMPUTERWORLD July 25, 2003 by Chris Conrath. Our system stops or identifies unsolicited messages - allowing you and your employees to be much more productive.

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