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Cloud computing is Web-based processing, whereby shared resources, software, and information are provided to computers and other devices (such as smartphones) on demand over the Internet.


The two best examples of cloud services that we are all familiar would be web-hosting and email.  Most small businesses would not even think of hosting their own website or email servers when someone else will do it for them at a fraction of the cost.  As high-speed internet becomes more the 'norm' that the exception, appplications such as Document Management, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Project Management and Groupware are becoming available in the 'cloud'.


Existing 'Cloud' based services from VPNetworks Inc. include 'Zimbra' email services, the 'richest' web interface we've seen to date.  Zimbra email hosting starts as low as $3/user/month.  You can try it out at using User ' This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ' and password 'demouser'.

Joomal and Wordpress are the two most popular and powerful web Content Management Systems are the market today.  We will set you up with a Joomla or Wordpress site for as little as $250 per year.  Check them out at and


In January 2011, VPNetworks Inc., with bandwidth and servers already in place will begin to offer many new cloud based services.  They will include...


A complete Document Management System based on the TOMRMS (The Ontario Municipal Records Management System) standard.  This product is 'up and running' for demo purposes and can be accessed at , username 'municipal' , password 'muni'.  Hosting for as little as $12/user/month.


CRM (Customer Relationship Management).  After testing many web-based CRM products, VPNetworks Inc. has chosen to host and support VTiger CRM.  For product description and demo, visit .  Hosting starts at $12/user/month.


Project Management, another VPN popular service.  Manage your projects online from anywhere!  DEmo available at , login demo, password demouser.  Hosting Project Management also starts at only $12/user/month.







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